Pedi Party (2016)

In this modern erotic romance, the handsome, successful Jove offers to bring more customers to Mari's struggling nail salon, Petals. But there's a catch: she'll need to cater to the unusual desires of foot fetishists.

Fit, Fudge, Fine (2015)

In a quest for midlife fitness, Michelle used unconventional methods, reverse psychology, pure unadulterated stubbornness, and the sweet, creamy promise of dark chocolate to arrive at a new relationship with her body and to a new understanding of quality of life. Now, she hopes to shorten the learning curve for others.

The Guest Room of the Heart (2011)

In the Guest Room of the Heart everything has a deeper meaning and a higher purpose. This is a room where intimacy is a spiritual act, where a vintage typewriter is a literary Ouija board, where passion catches the imagination on fire and where plants become one with the body. This is the sacred space we're about to enter.

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