Michelle Rau is a writer, editor, photographer and creative artist enjoying local brews & views in the Pacific Northwest.

Michelle’s diverse interests and experience influence the variety of her creative output. She is currently revising the thriller/mystery Invulnerable (2017), as well as adapting Fit, Fudge, Fine (2015), a realistic take on the challenges of getting fit and losing weight at midlife, to the Medium publication Fit, Fudge, Fifty. Full-length manuscripts include Pedi Party (2016), an erotic romance, and Book, Bowl, and Baa’a (2014), a murder mystery based in central Oregon. Previously, she published The Guest Room of the Heart (2011), poetry and prose.

Michelle writes short- and long-form fiction in multiple genres including mystery, ghost stories, and romance. She has also written one-act plays, poetry, scripts for short videos, feature news articles and essays. Professionally, Michelle provides business, marketing and technical communications.

Beyond building works with words, Michelle’s creative projects include mixed media and collage, photography, cartoons, crochet and fiber arts, graphic design, and home improvement projects involving wood and concrete.

She co-leads a writer’s group in Vancouver, Washington.

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