Fit, Fudge, Fine (2015)

fit_fudge_fine_cover-e1512267864997.pngUpdate August 15, 2016

I’ve decided not to push Fit, Fudge, Fine further along the path of traditional publishing at this time, but the content will be used for good, not evil. Read more in my blog post.

Ten years ago, when Michelle Rau first started trying to eat better, lose weight, and get fit, she found it was way, way harder than advertised. And way harder than it needed to be.

She found plenty of advice on eating better and getting active. What she didn’t find was advice on how to work around the roadblocks, challenges and complications that came from eating better and getting active. She discovered that fitness is massively undersold as a major life change. And that change doesn’t happen in a vacuum, either.

Through trial and error, questioning assumptions, turning failures into lessons, and challenging her own attitudes, Michelle found her best motivators to progress were not at all what she expected.

Michelle used unconventional methods, reverse psychology, pure unadulterated stubbornness, and the sweet, creamy promise of dark chocolate to arrive at a new relationship with her body and to a new understanding of quality of life. Now, she hopes to shorten the learning curve for others.

Seeking representation. 

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