Not my image, but I think this is one of the wittiest and weirdest punctuation marks I've encountered in a while.

Pimp my Plot, 2020 edition

What is Pimp my Plot? It's a brainstorming exercise that's often a tradition at National Novel Writing Month kickoff parties. How does it work? Participants needing plot input write their genre and plot dilemma on an index card. The dilemma cards are placed around a table, with a cup next to each. Participants walk around... Continue Reading →

Ranch Romance (2019)

He's a local boy-turned-outsider. She's a community leader wary of developers. How can they get past their differences to save the beauty of rural Montana, reconcile their family histories, and build a strong community and a trusting friendship (or more)? Doris and Richard must sort out obscure family and water rights complications before they can... Continue Reading →

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