The Guest Room of the Heart (2011)

GuestRoom_Cover-204x300We’ve long known that the dryer is a portal into another dimension for stray socks, but where might wind chimes, a tidepool or a package of bacon take us? Into the Guest Room of the Heart, where everything has a deeper meaning and a higher purpose. This is a room where intimacy is a spiritual act, where a vintage typewriter is a literary Ouija board, where passion catches the imagination on fire and where plants become one with the body. This is the sacred space we’re about to enter.

This fresh volume marks the author’s return to poetry after nearly twenty years of academic papers, intranet content and organizational announcements. Expanding on the themes of life, sex and love, she experiments with subject matter, imagery, form and style to present a diversely entertaining, deep and subtle read.

Published December 2011 (paperback) | smashwords (ebook)

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