It Ain’t Kansas, Toto, it’s Lana’s World: Feminist cartoons and humor from Lana’s World fanzine 1989-1991 (2019)

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How do you tell girl rabbits from boy rabbits? They have shorter ears! That’s how Lucky Rabbit’s education about gender inequity in the comics began. Neighbor rabbit Lana and her “T-squad commandos,” desperate for their share of media exposure, hijack the self-referential silliness of Lucky and friends and turn their comic strip into a showcase of independent feminist, lesbian and bisexual humor.

When Michelle Rau began studying fanzines in graduate school, she quickly realized that publishing one would be the best hands-on way to experience the creative zanyness of editing a zine. Her cartoon characters immediately took on a life and political agenda of their own, claiming the photocopied pages of the amateur publication to send women’s feminist, lesbian and bisexual cartoons and humor out into the world.

Cartoons by over a dozen contributors, many never before published, take humorous pokes at periods, the patriarchy and political correctness. This digitized collection of all 11 issues, originally photocopied in black and white between 1989 and 1991, brings funny tarot cards, gangster hamsters, advertising gaffes, breakfast, male stereotypes, relationship dilemmas, gender expectations, zine reviews, media collages, the daily doldrums and silly contests to a whole new generation of readers.

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