Mud Puddle (Tarot of Michelle)

Boy, did we get dirty. I want to do it again!

Image by the author

The story of the Mud Puddle card goes back many decades, to when my brother and I were small. We lived in Colorado, and as I recall it, one of the roads in our neighborhood dead-ended in a vacant lot. When it rained, it flooded, and we would splash in the puddle, usually with boots on.

One rainy day my brother and I were possessed to play in the big mud puddle to a degree we hadn’t before. With wild abandon, we splashed and thrashed around in the brown water and mud like it was a swimming pool, until we were soaked and filthy from head to toe. Then we made our way home. (I’m sure our mother made us hose off before we went in the house, but I don’t remember that part!) 

What I do remember is the fun we had getting so dirty, the joy, the abandon, the complete disregard for consequences. I want to have that kind of fun again. It’s really hard to find it, being an adult and all, but I think it’s necessary to find it now and again.

A story behind one of the cards in The Tarot of Michelle. Follow the developmental art as a Patron on Patreon.

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