Abundance (a bunny dance) (Tarot of Michelle)

An annual reminder to cultivate a mindset of abundance is….pretty darn fuzzy and cute.

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Each spring, to celebrate Ostara (Easter, spring equinox), I add a rabbit to my home or yard decor, in a quasi-pagan fertility or prosperity ritual. May my flowers bloom. May my garden grow. May my bees pollinate and my berry bushes and trees bear fruit.

I don’t have a special affinity for bunnies, really, though some of my friends may think so since I drew a cartoon rabbit for many years. (Bunnies are easy to draw.) Bunnies are soft, kinda sweet, kinda silly, not too smart—although smart enough to need “enrichment” as pets. “Knows everything a rabbit needs to know to be a rabbit,” as my boyfriend would say.

In my annual household celebration, bunnies are a symbol of abundance, rampant reproduction, fertility. When I see the word “abundance,” my mind can’t help but break it down into “a bunny dance.”

But the bigger lesson of bunnies, for me, is the reminder to cultivate a mindset of abundance. The Universe really does tend to provide! Even if what we get isn’t what we think we want, it might just be what we need. There will be enough. (Or more than enough, if zucchini are involved.) Our blessings, like rabbits, will multiply. 

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