Found Crystal (Tarot of Michelle)

The universe rewards us for letting our feelings flow.

I found the crystal in Nevada. But the story actually begins in Colorado.

When I was a little kid, living in Colorado, I found a chunk of fool’s gold, or iron pyrite. It’s a pretty common thing to find, but the squarish chunk I found was bigger than most and I was quite enchanted by it. Unfortunately, the chunk went missing one day. I have always wondered if one of my little friends took it in that petty, thoughtless way that kids do. It was a special find to me, and I lost it.

Decades later, I was on a camping trip with my partner, road-tripping through Oregon, Northern California and Nevada. One night, in the dark, we rolled up a dirt road and found a camp spot that turned out to be a family cemetery, which was pretty magical. 

As I recall it, the next morning we went for a little walk around the area, which was out in the middle of nowhere. I was feeling blue for some reason. I climbed up on top of a big boulder to look at the scenery, and I started to cry. I had a pretty good howl about whatever was making me sad. My partner comforted me and after awhile I got down off the boulder.

Not too far away, I found a large quartz crystal on the ground. It was one of the biggest, most complete and prettiest crystals I’d ever found! I felt like I was being rewarded for having a cry and letting my feelings flow. 

I still have the crystal, and it makes me feel like I’ve recovered a little part of what I lost when my special fool’s gold disappeared. It is a reminder to let the feelings happen, and it’s most rewarding—in many ways—to let them flow.

A story behind one of the cards in The Tarot of Michelle. Follow the developmental art as a Patron on Patreon.

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