The real “Stump and Lamb”

A rare combination of cemetery symbols has me searching for just the right logo.

After several unproductive Google image searches I was seriously questioning the wisdom of naming my blog Stump and Lamb. The branding, as they say, just wasn’t coming together. Although stumps (often in the form of Woodmen of the World memorials) and lambs (on small children’s memorials) are frequent shapes or emblems we see on our cemetery visits, they’re usually not found on the same headstone.

A stump can symbolize rustic and rural values, the biblical Tree of Life, or certain fraternal organizations such as the Woodmen of the World. A lamb usually symbolizes a life truncated or cut short, as on a child’s or infant’s stone. One per person; there aren’t many with both. (Here’s an interesting exception, and here’s another, and here’s one more.) So I was very pleasantly surprised to find an actual stump + lamb combination in Cornelius, Oregon, and it wasn’t vandalized or damaged!

This particular stone appeared to remember two children, although they died at different times and the stone appeared to be carved as a whole. Beautiful grass-like waves radiate out from the lamb.

I still haven’t settled on just the right logo. I’ll do another image search. I’ll find plenty of adorable lambs perched on, in, or near stumps. And one of them will eventually turn out to be just the right starting point for a graphic adaptation into a logo.

Stump and Lamb explores personal growth and meaning via travels to pioneer cemeteries of the West. Posts may contain affiliate links.

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