Something in the Water

“Something in the Water” is the story of Jeff and Melissa, who meet through their massage therapist and bond over their shared enthusiasm for kayaking. As their respective therapies progress, Jeff heals physically and Melissa heals emotionally, though neither one wants to admit it. Then two breakthroughs — one on the couch, one on the water — open the door to an even deeper bond between them.

I wrote “Something in the Water” during April 2010’s Script Frenzy, the international screenwriting challenge where participants attempt to write 100 pages of script for the stage, screen, or any other medium. I’d written one-act plays before, but this was the first one I’d completed and felt was produce-able. I’d love to see this produced someday but have no idea where to start.

“Something in the Water” is written assuming a small stage with a limited number of sets and feasible kayaking scenes (hint, fold and lap blue tarps to represent water). Contact me if you’re interested in the play and might like to produce it (or can give me advice on having it produced). Below is an excerpt.

     Shit, I’m sorry!  I overbalanced.
          Both of them wipe water out of their eyes and
          hair, checking for and retrieving gear and
          paddles, and hanging on to the kayaks.
     Well, at least we’re not far from shore.
     I have a confession to make.
     What’s that?
     I can’t swim.
JEFF (angry)
     You should have told me you couldn’t swim.
     I know.
     You made a big deal out of knowing what my capabilities
     were.  I just assumed you could swim.
MELISSA (defensive)
     I can get through the water.  Just like you.
          JEFF and MELISSA look at each other for a long
     Melissa, if we’re going to go out in the wilderness
     together and rely on each other, we’re going to have to
     be honest with each other about what our capabilities
     and limitations are.
     You’re right.  I was wrong not to tell you I couldn’t
     swim.  Especially since we’re kayaking.
     If we were out bicycling, it wouldn’t matter if I
     couldn’t swim.
     Is there anything else you wouldn’t like to tell me?
(smiles but doesn’t laugh)
     I can’t start a campfire without gasoline.

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