Mixed media and crafts

I like to make and create all kinds of stuffs.

About The Tarot of Michelle

A deck of cards with my cartoony illustrations that describe life experiences, learnings and wisdom.

Seasonal wreaths

My mother and I share a tradition of having a seasonal wreath on the front door. I didn’t have one for summer, so I made one from a box of fake flowers I got at a yard sale. I like how the random assortment of blooms came out.

Another wreath

I made this one for my friend Katie, who celebrates her birthday on Halloween! I will make another one very much like it for myself.

Paper mosaics

Look sort of like stained glass. I gave this one to my high school journalism teacher.

Ordinary angels

One in a series of four mini-collages that reveal the divine in the ordinary and the ordinary in the divine. This is my favorite.

Sewn paper greeting cards

I decided to find out how well layers of paper could be sewn together and I kind of liked the effect. The image is from a Loteria game (“Mexican bingo”).


I enjoy crochet and went through a phase of making adorable crocheted animals. This goofy pink bunny with long floppy ears was one of my favorites.

Fabric bowls

I got pretty good at making these and gave several away as gifts.

Conference call crochet

During conference calls, I often pick up a simple crochet project—one that doesn’t require following a pattern—to keep myself focused. With my hands busy, I can’t multi-task, and there’s something about the sensory experience that helps me remember, concentrate and even hear better. It’s kinda weird, but it works. These hexagons made from a rainbow of colored #10 crochet thread will eventually become a bedspread, vest, or something larger than the potholders and washcloths I usually make.

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