I got tired of looking at stock images on other people’s posts and articles that almost, but not quite, fit the content. And I got tired of scrolling for stock images trying to find one that fit my post or article. So I started making my own illustrations. They’re definitely not as polished as a professional illustrator’s images, but it’s my own original content and it makes me happy to knock out a few illustrations while I’m watching a movie or episode.

Ono cats

From an extremely weird dream about the various ways one can say “Oh no cats” and what they mean. (I still don’t understand that dream.) I worked from a publicity or album photo of Yoko Ono.

The leap of the 20-foot woman

Some illustrations are just very quick impressionistic sketches, dashed off before I can overthink or overwork it.

Exercise or die

I haven’t used this one in an article yet. I worked from a photograph of someone’s tattoo. The mouse doing pushups with a mousetrap is a popular meme.

Encrypting the cheat codes: exercise rewards

I wanted some pictures that combined the idea of laboratory rodents, rewards, and exercise with humor.

Things I learned from personal trainers

I did some quick sketches that tried to capture the idea of interchangeability between personal trainers.

The Nymphricuse

This dream was so weird, there was no way I’d ever find a suitable image online. I just had to draw one. This was one of my first article illustrations and I enjoyed it so much I decided to keep doing it.

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