Sheep vs. Fence

January 17, 2018 Michelle Rau 0

Title: Sheep vs. Fence Logline:  A grizzled sheep rancher and the obstinate ewe he raised from a lamb continually square off in a comic battle […]

Save the Draft!

January 17, 2018 Michelle Rau 0

I’m often exasperated by my own lack of writing progress, but I do enjoy the opportunity to explore new tools, techniques and approaches until inspiration […]

Invulnerable (2017)

December 3, 2017 Michelle Rau 0

It began as a civic responsibility…an obligation to the state…an all-day chore with lunch breaks. Then tedium turns to terror as Nance discovers that one […]

Writing tools

September 25, 2017 Michelle Rau 0

This post is a collection point for all kinds of writing-related tools, websites, and resources — anything I find interesting, useful, or crappy. I’ll add […]